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One day back in 2017, I received a promotional email about non-invasive lipo. It was a sale for 900.00 per area so right off the back, I’m like OMG, that is cheap, not knowing what it was, I just saw lipo and losing fat!

I made my appointment and went into the med spa. I received my consultation, but I wasn’t bought yet. The 900.00 was literally per area and my stomach was considered four areas so that totaled to 3,600.00 and there was a possibility that I would have needed more after the first set.

I went home and did my research, I searched and searched and thought to myself I can just get myself a license or use the money I have to get it done. I can do it myself for forever and that’s literally how Stardom Touches BodyII was created.

StardomTouches BodyII is so much bigger than just non-invasive lipo. Our main focus is to cater to the middle-class hardworking personnel, providing exceptional A-class services for an affordable price. We all deserve the finer things in life, and we are here to give it to you!

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