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Protective Styles are Growing in Todays Era!

Everyone’s topic of discussion is PROTECTIVE STYLES

What is a protective style: A protective style is any use of styling that keeps your hair strands safely tucked away. These hair styles require very little maintenance and up keeping. While wearing these protective styles it gives you the opportunity to nurture your hair by keeping it moisturized and healthy to promote healthy strands and hair growth. Which will in the future give you blessing of promoting your natural hair texture while nourish back to life.

A lot of women are beginning on their natural hair journey and through the beginning process they start off with the BIG CHOP! The cut all of their processed hair off.

What is processed hair: Processed hair is when natural hair has been altered by a chemical to tame or alter its naturalness. A lot of women use very popular chemical treatments called RELAXERS, KERATIN TREATMENTS, BLEACHING, & CUSTOM COLORING. Women with coily, curly or wavy hair usually uses these methods to maintain their hairs. Using these types of treatments over and over usually causes a break down from the harsh chemicals. These chemicals dry out your hairs, causing hair breakage, chemical scalp sores and so much more underneath the surface causing underlying health issues. It is even recommended while in your pregnancy term to stay away from these products. That should really make us think. But these are just some of the reasons why this Protective Style journey is taking the world by storm.

With these protective styles they’re actually helping women to converting back to their roots of healthy and naturalness. However, some women enjoy their custom colored, straight/heating styled looks and that is OKAY. These things are what makes us all different and unique. You can still be natural making healthier choices and also wear styles of your choice.

With Stardom Touches all women are able to achieve the desired protective styles in the most natural way possible. Our Raw virgin Hairs can help you achieve many looks. They can also help in the beginning of your journeys. Our hairs can be costumed colored, the RAW VIRGIN HAIR can even be custom colored a few times by a professional. The usage of our RAW hairs is amazing. We give you 24/7 support and will walk you through using these hairs to receive the full benefit of them. And we just don’t stop their we have other protective products so shop and find what’s right for you and we are always here to help you in those decisions if you’re not sure. Send us an email and we will get back with you immediately.

Using Stardom Touches RAW VIRGIN HAIRS will also teach you how to take care of your hairs by keeping them alive, from deep conditioners, oils and products to use.

Below is a list of PROTECTIVE STYLES to get you on your journey!

1. Box Braids

2. Twist

3. Twist Out

4. Corn Rolls

5. Wash n Go

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